Copyright Release Policy

for our wedding, portrait & event photos

Our policy for the last 15+ years has been to allow our customers to make copies and reprints of their wedding photos for personal use.

PS. If you like our policy, hire us to shoot your wedding!

Photo above: A wedding guest adds her comment to a "signature board" 
photo during the reception. The picture on it is from Mary Ann and Richard's
portrait session which we photographed at the State Capitol grounds.

Here's our Official Copyright Release Policy:  

Our policy for the is to allow our customers to make copies and reprints of their wedding photos for personal use. Ditto for family portraits & event photos.

It's OK to send copies of your photos and digital files to friends and relatives.

It's ok to reprint your digital wedding photos at photo labs.

It's ok for your friends and relatives to also print those pictures at photo labs.

It's ok to post your wedding photos on personal websites.

It's ok to e-mail them.

It's ok make archival backup copies of your images and store them in safe places.


Hey! Where's all the fine print?



Please note that Copyright for COMMERCIAL USE is retained by the photographer. Commercial use policy is described below:



If customer wishes to use wedding/portrait photos we've taken for any COMMERCIAL uses please notify us.
We will always say YES if the following conditions are met: 

1. Photo credit is clearly given to us;

2. Photo usage must be for an ethical reason, not in support of any deceptive cause, and not used in any way that implies Doug's pictures may have been taken by a different photographer.

3. Our photos may not be commercially re-sold without our permission (for example, as a stock photo.) 

Doug retains the right to use copies of pictures he's taken as artist's samples, for marketing, for instructional use or publications.


If you like our copyright release policy, hire us!
If your wedding date has to change, we'll accommodate your new date or refund the deposit.
Copyright-released images available (legal & guilt-free.) 






Archival copies