Digital Enhancement in Wedding Photography

This page shows examples of our digital editing on wedding photos. Professionally done digital enhancement can turn nice photos into great photos.

But... we don't over-retouch. Our style keeps pictures looking clean and natural.


Caption for photo at right: Doug backlit Sandra with the sun behind her. This kept the bright light out of her eyes for comfort. Doug used fill flash, turned way down, to equalize lighting between the back and front, and to avoid shadows.

If fill flash had fired too intensely (typical of automatic exposure cameras), we'd have lost all white detail in the dress. But when fill flash is set too low one would lose details in the hair and face.

Solution: adjust fill flash manually per experience. Camera: Doug's Fujifilm S3 Pro digital. Lens: 90mm portrait-macro lens.

DIGITAL RETOUCHING: The main digital effect applied to the portrait at right, was clean-up of the sidewalk background behind Sandra. This was to remove cracks & pebbles which were distracting in the original version of this portrait. Portrait below had similar:cleanup of cracks & blemishes in the capitol building's wall and marble floor.


Retouching a portrait for publication

Earlier version at left was a very nice portrait but
bright parts of the background were distracting.
In editing we took down the background's
intensity; final version shown at right.

Otis Moore is pastor of a small church on Florin Road
(south Sacramento) called Lighthouse Apostolic Church



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See more photos below...

Doug's favorite portrait:  This beautiful portrait of Sandra and Ed at the State Capitol building in Sacramento.

Doug applied considerable digital editing to perfect this photo --- see "before" version by clicking on Alternate View button below.

The editing was needed to clean up the environment AROUND the couple which suffered from cracks, dirt and trash that was beyond our ability to physically clean up at the site. The bride and groom needed no editing.







Click here to see the original un-edited version of this photo...




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