Old Sacramento wedding photos on the river, on the railroad tracks, and on the pier.

Old Sacramento wedding photos


Safety hazard!

Rachel pushes John into the Sacramento River


Above: Rachel's Old Sacramento bridal portrait with Sacramento River in background. The portrait is "feathered" as a special effect. Rachel is lightly backlit by the sun.

Right: Rachel and John full length portrait on the dock. Ceremony and reception were photographed shipboard on the Spirit of Sacramento. Weather was variable this day - sun went behind a cloud while taking this photo, and came out for Rachel's backlit portrait (above left.)

Above: Rachel's ceremony begins aboard the Spirit of Sacramento paddlewheel ship.


Groom's parents photographed on the ship with Tower Bridge in background.

Rachel's wedding party photographed on the railroad tracks in Old Sacramento.


Rachel's immediate family posing at ship's railing. Despite the pyramid looming across the river, this is California, not Egypt.

More of Rachel's family photographed shipboard using a very very wide angle lens due to tight quarters. Weather and lighting changed every few minutes.


Old Sacramento Wedding Photography

Old Sac is a fun location to shoot bride & groom pictures and wedding party poses.

Even if your wedding is performed elsewhere, we can stop by Old Sac for requested shots. (As long as you can make it fit into the wedding day's schedule.)

In this case, Rachel & John's wedding ceremony happened aboard the Spirit of Sacramento paddlewheel ship on the Sacramento River. The ship's captain performed the ceremony. We did some poses aboard the ship, some on the pier, and some on Old Sac's railroad tracks. Ceremony and reception candid shots were photographed as they occurred.

Would you like your wedding portraits done in Old Sac?  We can make it happen!

All Doug's photography copyright-releases every image we give you. That means you're free to make copies, upload them to Facebook, or make reprints with no worries about breaking copyright laws.
Booking deposit is $350. Phone or e-mail Doug to confirm availability of your date.
Doug performs photography in Roseville, Old Sacramento, and rollin' on the river. No travel charges within 100 miles of Sacramento.





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