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  OMGOMG - a portrait with the Pope!


Photographer shot with his own camera! Extreme wide angle lens on Nikon camera.
This is of course the famous Pope Room at Buca di Beppo Restaurant in Roseville.
Photo taken by dinner guest Ilene Ricoli using Doug's camera.
Technical details below.


Sometimes film is better than digital

We use digital cameras, not film, for the majority of our work. But there are some circumstances where film is better, faster, more reliable. The above photo is an example. It was shot on FILM.

The occasion was the photographer's own birthday dinner, and he planned on having the waiter and a dinner guest shoot using his camera so he could be in the pictures.

When you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a shot, and it must be taken immediately without fussing with digital histograms, film may be the more reliable choice -- more "idiiot proof" than digital.

Technical details for the above shot: Fuji 800 film in Doug's Nikon N90s camera, 19mm super wide angle lens, and Nikon's most powerful flashgun. This Nikon + film combination correctly integrated bounce flash, fill flash, and ambient lighting on the first try.

Digital could have achieved this too, but would have required test shots to set exposure compensation, sensitivity, white balance and focus points. Buca di Beppo's dark ceiling plus ambient lighting made this a technically challenging shot to do well. But the Nikon film camera pulled it off perfectly in just one shot.


In wedding photography, occasionally we switch to film in circumstances like these:

1. Fast moving unpredictable situations with no chance to fuss with technical settings

2. Fast changing lighting

3. Sunlight direction that could cause unusually deep shadows

Film worked great for the wedding party pose below on a Lake Tahoe beach. It represented all three difficult circumstances. And the doggies (look close!) wouldn't wait for technical adjustments to be fussed with. Check it out below.

In-house we can produce our own high resolution electronic scans from film negatives. This gives us the ability to digitally edit each image in post production. So the final result looks and prints just like a normal digital picture.

Film actually captures a wider range of highlight to shadow details compared to digital cameras. That gives more ability to correct difficult lighting in post-production.

But for the majority of pictures, digital and film are competitive in quality.

Technical details for this Lake Tahoe photo:  Nikon N90 camera, Nikon 24-50mm zoom lens, Nikon SB28 flash, Kodak film scanned via Nikon 48-bit film scanner at 4000 dots per inch resolution. 100 megabyte TIFF digital file was image edited and eventually converted to smaller JPG format for the web.


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