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What is
CROPPING in wedding photography?

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Q. What does it mean to "crop a photo?"

A. Cropping is to blow up a smaller detail in a photo. This is done to emphasize a detail, or to eliminate distracting details.

Cropping is available free on request for any photo that we take --- one of the magic advances made practical by digital photo editing.

Cropping was available in the film and developing days, but it required an expensive custom-print arrangement from the lab. In today's digital world cropping is easily performed.


Examples below:

Original photo before modification...

Same photo cropped as a close-up...

Although amateur photographers can crop a photo, it's not practical when amateurs photograph a wedding. It would take amateurs many months to deliver their photos because they'll keep fussing with them. But professional photographers (like Doug) use these techniques every day, make technical decisions quickly and deliver the final photos more quickly than an amateur photographer ever could.

 PS. You can see a slide show of photos from the above wedding... click on "Gallery Two" button at bottom of page.

Another example --- Below left is the cropped version - to focus attention upon Stephanie's face. Original version on the right.

Final cropped version

Original image





While we're here...check out Stephanie's family portrait from the same wedding:

The sky was nearly pitch dark at the time we took this picture. But the amazing colors of Lake Tahoe's sunset came through in digital processing...
Some "grain" can be seen in the sky behind. Grain is the result of digitally boosting the image's dark tones to bring out the sunset's detail.
This photo illustrates the range of adjustments possible when using genuine professional equipment.
Photo taken by Doug aboard a yacht on Lake Tahoe.


Note: Photo at right is technically a VIGNETTE, as well as a crop. Just to keep you on your toes...

A vignette fades a photo --- in an oval shape, or fades to white or black, or various other effects.

PS. You can see more photos from this wedding on Gallery One button at bottom of page.






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